Long Term vs Short Term Investments

Most people these days are finding value in investment as a way to ensure financial security in the future. There are different kinds of investments you can engage with. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a guaranteed investment.

There are always risks we have to take. However, there are many ways how we can minimise those risks. So, let’s list down the top choices for both long term and short-term investments you should consider right now.

Rentvesting – Short Term

Featured image Long Term vs Short Term Investments Rentvesting – Short Term - Long Term vs Short Term Investments

Rentvesting is done with property. Instead of selling a property, you rent it out. Instead of renting out a unit, you rent out your home. Rentvesting is becoming more and more prevalent here in New Zealand.

You need to consider the area of the property you want to purchase. You need to make sure that the median rent price is high. You can then live on another property which you too will rent out. But you can pick a property that offers an affordable rental fee.

So, the idea is when you buy a property, you then rent that out meaning you’ll get a positive cashflow you can then use for your mortgage. You are also spending less money on your rent. It is also very viable to live in a great property because when the property price is high, the rent price tends to be low.

Online Gambling – Short Term

Featured image Long Term vs Short Term Investments Online Gambling – Short Term - Long Term vs Short Term Investments

This is an odd one and there are a lot of risks to consider. However, more and more people are still sold to the idea of making money out of online gambling. What they do is they set apart a sum of money they will then use to gamble.

This is not a regular thing by the way. Most people do it if they have extra money to spend. So, they then play their best casino games. These investors are strategic when it comes to gambling because they pay attention to their bets and they maximise every possible outcome there is.

With the bonus of playing right at home, they are more confident in their environment meaning they make better decisions. If you are highly considering this one, you might need to check out the best online casino nz.

Property Investment – Long Term

Featured image Long Term vs Short Term Investments Property Investment – Long Term - Long Term vs Short Term Investments

Now, this is usual to buy a property and sell a property investment. The idea behind this investment is that the value of a property tends to increase the longer you hold on to it. So, you can buy a property today and 10 years later, you can sell it for a higher price. That way, you’ll make money out of it.

However, in some cases, it is possible wherein the capital gain is not the big given the property market conditions. It is also possible that the longer your property stays in the market, its price will decline.

So, in this investment, you need to play your cards right and learn everything you can about the property cycle. You might even consider a property asset for a family trust. For more content, don’t forget to subscribe. If you have any questions about investments and the laws surrounding them, contact us today.