Butelaw is a recognised and trusted law firm here in New Zealand. We specialise on legal cases under the industry of real estate. We have handled hundreds of cases related to trusts, property ownership, property management, property investment and owner-occupiers.

Meet our Founder

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Butelaw, was founded back in 2010 by a college teacher Isabella Steele. Steele was juggling a full-time job as a professor and as an aspiring lawyer. Steele founded Butelaw to inform and educate people about the laws surrounding real estate and property management.

She wanted to help homebuyers and property investors maximise their portfolio and be able to navigate all legalities along the way. In 2010, Butelaw was merely a blog about real estate law.

Steele used the platform to provide as much information as she could despite not being a lawyer. She also gave a free consultation to people who couldn’t afford legal services. But in 2012, Steele became a lawyer and she made good of her promise to help out.

Butelaw in 2012

Featured image About Us Butelaw in 2012 - About Us

As soon as becoming a lawyer, Steele registered her law firm to fully function as a legal service provider. She was able to do so and in late 2012, she handled several real estate cases.